Grandmother Tucker a.k.a. Pam Tucker

Listen2LoveNYC was born out of two things near and dear to my heart...

In the past, when life got tough, Listen2Love was my mantra and my affirmation. It reminded me to always choose love when I’m faced with adversity.

NYC was where I was born and raised. My ❤️ will always be with this amazing city, where the streets bustle with an undeniable energy and where a stranger can become a close friend in a New York minute!

I raised two boys as a single mother and have been blessed with a beautiful granddaughter. I have always marveled at the innocence of young children and wanted to create something that was cute, sassy, but meaningful. That was when the I AM children's line came to life. 

I have done a lot of soul-searching and realized the limitless potential behind those two simple words: I AM.

I AM — a phrase full of meaning. In the Bible, it is God’s name. In spirituality, it is the enlightenment humans possess and access.

As an adult, affirmations have been and will continue to be an integral part of my everyday life. I believe that affirmations should begin at birth! ❤️